This project, as all do, stands on the shoulders of giants. Here's an incomplete listing of some cool projects that make possible.

Phoenix Framework

A web framework that uses a time-tested web framework pattern with a cool functional language. It has been fun to learn and use.

Check out Phoenix Framework


An inflector written in Elixir. We use it to make pretty good guesses at plurals that aren't in our database.

Inflex on GitHub


If you're reading this you already know Bootstrap. It is on something like 4% of the web.

You don't need this link to Bootstrap

Zilla Slab

A funky slab typeface from Mozilla that had the balance we wanted between trustworthy and fun.

Zilla Slab on Google Fonts

Work Sans

A sans serif typeface that felt like a nice counterbalance to Zilla Slab. It's late at night and we here at are ready for bed. This font is awesome.

Work Sans on Google Fonts